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The use of adhesives is quickly growing for all types of applications, causing an authentic revolution in the traditional fixing and joining methods. Classic processes such as welding and riveting are being replaced by adhesive joints, essentially due to the increase in the use of dissimilar materials and for new complex structures.

The use of adhesives is nowadays expanding, incorporating adhesion processes in the manufacture of objects as different as bridges, buildings, sports centers, etc. Without forgetting the irreplaceable presence of adhesives in wood, furniture, natural stone reinforcement, internal panelling or isolation industries. Thus, architects and engineers must take into account the design and calculation of adhesive joints in their projects.

By order of the Spanish Group of Adhesion and Adhesives (GEAA), the Performance Materials Group of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid organizes the XIX Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives on September 19th-20th, 2018. It will have international character, and to respond to the new needs of the construction industry, a session will be devoted to the development of new adhesives and applications to the new Habitat and its inclusion in the circular economy.

During the Congress, participants will present the last works carried out in the fields of surface treatments, adhesion, coatings and adhesives, as well as new applications of adhesive joints.

In collaboration with the GEAA, the Workshop ‘’Adhesives and Sealants for special architecture and design applications’’ will be held in the framework of the XIX Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives, coinciding with the main topics of the Congress, in Madrid, on September 18th, 2018.

The Workshop will focus on the role of the adhesives in the joint of new materials for special architecture and for the design of new structures. This event has as main objective the exchange of knowledge and technology among the professionals specialized in the architecture and adhesive fields. Including the companies that use adhesives in their multiple applications in the construction industry.

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